Automation Solutions specializes in providing turn-key control systems to machinery manufacturers. We understand that these machines have to exceed your customers' expectations for performance and reliability, while simultaneously keeping your budget under control and your production flowing. Most anybody can throw money at a project and eventually make it work. We pride ourselves on leveraging technology to make your machines run better that you have imagined, often for less than you expect.

Whether it is a schematic drawn on a napkin or a multi-volume spec, we can turn your idea into reality.

  • System Integration
  • Data Acquisition
  • Process Control
  • Motion Control
  • Machine Vision
  • Mobile/Transportation Automation
  • Custom Microcontroller
  • Custom Wireless Systems
  • Custom Pendants
  • Operator Interfaces
  • Printed Circuit Board (PCB)
  • Custom Machinery
  • Fiberoptic Networking
  • Zigbee/Bluetooth/WiFi Wireless