OEM Advantage

Automation Solutions has streamlined the way OEMs design, build, and support their products. We understand your dream of creating a better system - it's why you started building machines in the first place. We are dedicated to helping you fully realize your vision. We do this by contributing our extensive experience designing, building, programming, and in many cases providing installation and start up services.

We also understand budgets, profitability and schedules. We meet these goals for you by maximizing the functionality of your control systems and by taking the ongoing burden of in-house controls off your budget.

"We needed a responsive can-do team that has hands-on experience and who we could trust with deadlines, budget, and client-facing challenges."

Whether it's consulting on a design, supplying complete control panels, or assuming full responsibility for the controls from start to finish - together we can make a real improvement in your profitability.