Project Management

Because we have been through the design/implement cycle so many times, we've collected first hand knowledge about what it takes to manage a successful project from start to finish. Our project managers know the importance of timelines and budgets. We know how to keep track of all the vendors to ensure the product will be completed on time. We know the warning signs that might jeopardize a timeline or blow a budget - we will let you know before those things become critical to the success of your project.

  • Schematic & Layout Drafting
  • Technical Writing and Manuals
  • Field Service and Startup Assistance
  • Programming & Maintenance Training


Once fabricated and programmed, we can install your custom control panel for you or we can be on-site during your installation process to ensure it runs smoothly. Our engineers and technicians have years of experience and can be especially valuable when that inevitable head scratching moment comes.


Once that new control is in place, who wants to press the ON switch first? You can - with confidence! Our hands-on approach means you have our support ready when you need it. Our quality assurance practices anticipate your needs and ensure startup runs smoothly.


What happens when lights start glowing red or the line stops? We are available for support. Our goal is your success by providing as much or as little service as your needs dictate. We can even be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to service your panels.

Training? Manuals? These are usually the last thing on any designer's mind, but they are essential to a complete and polished system. A large system absolutely requires them. We produce high quality, easy to understand manuals. Our training is thorough and professional. Our trainers are personable and knowledgeable.